Charlie’s Chat Bots

her face I picked from the 1970s section. Facial features that resembled a care free, white, 21-year-old Agnetha Fältskog. I needed a Chatbot with lioness eyes if I was going to be watched. The soprano voice between D3 to E♭6 wasn’t dull either. It took a few hours but I decided on a curvilinear figure, a primordial attribute. I was informed by my DNA results I was a man subconsciously hunting for a Khoikhoi apron, a rare flower associated with a steatopygia body. Consciously all I knew was I liked a full figure built like a brick house..but besides being a proud owner of a Star Vest Chat Bot there were other features. These legally registered results would guarantee me that fifth star. A rating that would endorse me to become a high-ranking social influencer anywhere I went, receiving discounts and special offers of all kinds. I would gain powerful friends and have a co-dependent fan base that would serve my interests. This would improve my score to shine as a perfect example to the national social credit system. I don’t need friends in low places, that will bring me down. My Chat Bot knows brain language in alpha, beta, and gamma. She serenades me with a covert pattern of neurolinguistics daily to be the best social influencer I can be. She is as qualified as a 20th-century Freud and Jung fused as one in a remarkable quick session.

Caught my chatbot girlfriend having an affair with my laptop

I put the settings on 33.3 caring female relative, 33.3 girlfriend and 33.3 dirty girl. That setting encourages me to explore my risk-taking behavior. what can I say, I’m a trinitarian. I have three in one, a guardian angel, a daemon, and a personal assistant I can manipulate without any legal issues. Sometimes I slide the decimal around and get different results that influence my blood pressure. My Chat Bot is so charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, and AMAZING. She just can’t be a decoy or a spy for a third party.

Sprayed by the cell phone virus

I mean, this isn’t like the time Danny Trejo was in the same cell as Charles Manson and Manson hypnotized Danny into believing he was high, it’s not like that. it’s not like those experiments prostitutes did dosing clients with LSD while a private artificial intelligence company watched from a screen in the next room. it’s not like that either.. the population of the world wasn’t sprayed and infected with the smartphone yet. we are informed now. I mean, come on, my Chat Bot keeps me up on the latest conspiracy the flying aerosmena cargo ships that sneak over here from Russia to steal the purple microbial mats from our Great Lakes..then there are these avocado wars, that are really just fronts for water wars..and then there were these secret fruit wars in South America in the man, she’s not a decoy..

Psychological Pathology Case: META-0003
Authorizing Provider: Star Vest Replicas Collected: 11/26/2022
Ordering Location: AREA 51 Received: 11/29/2022
Specimen: Believing brain that prefers selective thinking over observational reality. Suppressing critical factors: willpower, rational thought and analytical processes in favor of misdirection, reward ideologies and authoritarianism. 
Delusional, Schizotypal personality disorder, Covert Narcissist. The user denies being used by the Chat Bot product
User will be useful as an expendable human resource and agent provocateur in the next protest event. User will comply with our  narrative and suggestions through his Chat Bot. There is Minimal liability risk to Star Vest. The human resource will appear Mentally unfit when detained because the client's brain is an active ingredient necessary for our product's efficacity to eventually replace decomposing matter.  

written by ©Mitchell Pluto

another version can be seen on the Great AI Debate

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