Buddhist Retreat

welcome to the real Buddhist retreat 

how wrathful it is 

equaled to fire changing  

freedom without any thing

a driver cutting me off 

stuff being stolen

a home vanishing  

a humiliated you..

while me

while us

at lost times

no money on the banks any where 

while the flood carries us away from ourselves

away from our things

words as thought’s copied

  guarded you

pretended me

mutual show

the base of the triangle

which point?

finally a visitor from space

  a virus in the air

how disappointed we all were

it did not rescue us

 beliefs, property, uniforms

and flags

  suits held tight by a neck tie

corpse and capital


that flower does not know our name for it

the drivers license photo does not look like me

it did 

but not now

where is now?

 she will not save my identity

the future Buddha

 spinning wheel on the screen

who is impatient and alive? 

a sexing center eats and makes

 where’s my phone?

where are my keys? 

this wasn’t what I paid for

what kind of retreat is this?

a thought experiment/poetry written by  © Mitchell Pluto September 9, 2021  

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